Our Story

Harvesting Ladybugs for Over 30 Years

Jim Senna

As a boy, Jim Senna learned the trade of harvesting ladybugs while spending time with his grandmother in the foothills of Northern California. His grandmother began collecting ladybugs in the early 1960s. She spent 40-plus years collecting and distributing live ladybugs for the purpose of pest control.

Jim applied his grandmother's extensive knowledge and started his own family business, Ladybugs Direct, in 2006. Spending time in nature while pursuing a passion that provides a safe, natural way to control pests for home gardeners and growers is both rewarding and enjoyable.

The key to being able to offer the freshest, healthy ladybugs is proximity to the ladybug's natural habitat. Being located in Northern California means Jim and his team have access to the wild spaces where ladybugs thrive. Which means our customers have access to the freshest bugs for their garden and growing needs.


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